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Trading has never been so simple,...

Trading has never been so simple, just copy trades from successful traders and make a profit! NAGA Trader now allows you to automatically copy the trades of your chosen top traders. Let the experts handle your trades! When the "Leader" buys or sells, that same action is immediately copied in your account too.


Profit from the experience...

Profit from the experience of other traders and you can gain income by copying their actions. Furthermore, you are not bound by any limits. That means you can decide exactly how much you want to copy. Just Auto Copy your chosen user set your preferences and wait for your portfolio to grow.


Save your Time for other...

Save your Time for other things. While your Auto Copy Feature goes to work for you, you could use the time to renovate the kitchen, go out with your partner, or maybe check out other financial instruments to double your chances of success. Obviously, you now don't have to continually watch the markets and check whether to trade or not.


Should I trust other users with my Money?

Good question! If you perform all trades for yourself, the risk you are taking is being determined by your own experience. On the other hand, If you copy others, the orders are being made by successful traders. Their experience can help to increase your own chances of success.

And in case you have any doubts, you can still edit and close those orders at any time!


So, what is my risk?

Obviously, there is no guarantee with anything in life. Especially when it comes to something tricky like the stock market. The reason why we are offering the auto copy feature is to assist people who might not have the time to continually check the markets, or simply don't have enough experience to trade them alone. As soon as you start auto-copying someone, you will basically perform every trade 1:1 just like the chosen trader.

That means if he makes a loss, you will make a loss. If he wins, you will win. So, if you start auto-copying a highly experienced, full-time traders - you have a good chance of maximizing your returns. But keep in mind that there is no guarantee. 


What happens when someone auto-copies me?

You have probably heard about NAGA Trader´s Copy Bonus. And you are probably asking: "Do I gain anything when someone starts to auto copy me?" Good question! Well, - Yes, you do! You will receive a copy bonus for every trade copied.

The Bonus Terms are exactly the same as for the Copy Bonus. You can look them up here.


How can I Auto Copy traders?

Whenever they open a trade, you will also open it. When they close, your trade gets closed as well. This means you will profit when they profit.

All copied trades are set with the same preferences (changed to your limitation) that the copied trader has used. That includes the Stop Loss, Take Profit, Expiry Date, and Entry Price.



If, for example, a trader opens a trade with an investment of $1,000.00 you can set the ratio you want to open the trades with. When you set 10%, you will open positions with 10% of the investment size of your “Leader”.




You can change the settings at any time and we will always notify you via push message when a trade is opened or closed by your leader.



You can double-check the people you are Auto Copying and monitor the statistics.




If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our staff.

1055095-512.png    Did you know? 

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