NAGA Trader Update - 15.05.2018



Hello community,

we are proud to announce a major NAGA Trader app update, which was launched on the 15th of May. Please find an overview about all changes and updates below.




  1. New Day / Night mode. Use the app in a light or dark color scheme.
  2. Improved interface to open trades easier and much faster.
  3. Tag friends or stocks whilst sharing news.
  4. New visual separation on your market watch.
  5. Improved stability & security.
  6. Fully automated verification process with face recognition.


Day / Night Mode


Were things sometimes too dark @ NAGA TRADER?
Then you have the choice: Bright up your screens with our new Day-Mode.


Where to find?

  1. Go to the Menu
  2. Tap on "Settings"
  3. Select between "Light/Dark"




We admit, we got lost in translation a bit. Trading different markets and currencies is not always that simple. Thus we sat down with our UX Experts, listened to your feedback and came up with a totally new Trading screen.

Have a look a t the screenshot and let´s explore from top down what we have:



In the header you can select if you want to Buy (Bet on a rising price) or Sell (Bet on a falling price) of the specific instrument.

You see live pricing, the current chart trend and with one tap you can check more chart and news date.


Below the instrument info, we built an much easier UI. You can select if you want to trade and the current market price or starting from a specifc rate to create a future order.


Below you can define how much money in $ you d like to invest or how many units of the instrument you would like to buy.


Please note that every instrument has different leverage settings, thus you can move more units with less money as it is usually a margin-based trade!


With the NAGA Protector, you can automatically limit your losses and automatically secure profits, in case your are not at your phone!


Last but not least, the market insights show you how many people buy or sell in NAGA TRADER. Crowd widsom is proven to be the best wisdom!


Where to find?

  1. Go to "Trade" screen in the main navigation.
  2. Select a instrument from the market watch.
  3. Click on "Open Trade"


Improved Feed

The Feed always let you be up to date regarding latest news around various instruments or informs you about the latest activities of youf friends.

Thus we made it a bit cleaner and also more interactive.

The new feeds has an improved view on the Stories in the upper part of the app and allows you now easier to trade instruments that your friends opened, closed or copied.


Where to find?

  1. Click on "Feed" in the main navigation
  2. Check the events from your friends :)


Try it out! :)


Market Watch

We divided now Cryptos, Forex and Stocks into their own sections making it more convenient than ever for you to add the direct instruments per section


Where to find?

  1. Click on "Trade" in the main navigation.
  2. Check out the different sections.



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