Open Your First Trade

  1. Chose a stock or a currency pair from your market watch. 
  2. Decide if you want to sell or buy. 
  3. Set your deposit and hit the sell or buy button. 

Do not forget to define your stop loss and take profit level! Otherwise you will miss profits by being copied by other traders. The trade will be executed with the defined parameters.





Detailed information on how to trade with NAGA Trader. (examples from mobile App)

From the menu item "Trade" instruments can be bought and sold. 



In this section, also know as "Market Watch" all instruments you have selected from the symbol directory, are being listed. The first tab "Rates" includes all symbol names and the latest sell (bid) and buy (ask) rates. "Sentiment" is the second tab. It shows the current ratio of buy (green) and sell (red) positions among NAGA Trader users. Below this list you find an account summary with your balance, invested capital, profit and loss as well as available capital for new positions. 



Add a new instrument

From the "cross" icon you can add additional instruments to the Market Watch list. Choose your main market (here "Equities UK") and select the desired symbol via the grey "Add" Button. Alternatively, select the search function. Finally, choose the Arrow back to get back to the market watch.



Remove an instrument

To remove a symbol from the instrument list, tap on Edit and then Tap on the Red Button for the selected Symbol. Behind the corresponding instrument will appear a Button which tells "Delete". Exit this section by clicking on "Edit" again.



Market order

A market order will be placed to buy or sell for the current bid and ask rate, in an open market.

To create a market order, switch to the menu item "Trade" and tap on the desired instrument. You can choose between Easy and Pro Mode. Learn more about Easy and Pro Mode. Touch on the number below the word "Deposit" or "Quantity" to modify the amount you like to trade. By activating the button "Trade" or "Buy/Sell at.." the trade  will be executed and can be copied by other users.



Manage your Risk

In Easy Mode, you can use the NAGA Trader Protector to limit your risks and secure your profits. In Pro Mode you can define the distance (in currency or points) of your take profit/stop loss order and your order entry.



Take profit (T/P) 

This limit order type is used to secure profits. It will be executed automatically when the set T / P rate is reached. You can add a take profit to your existing position or to a pending order. 

Stop loss (S/L) 

This stop order type is used to protect your positions or pending orders against falling prices. It will be executed automatically when the set S / L price is reached. 

Enter a S/L or T/P for a market buy order

  • S/L must be set 1 Pip/Tick below the actual bid rate.
  • T/P must be set 1 Pip/Tick above the actual ask rate. 

Enter a S/L or T/P for a market sell order

  • T/P must be set 1 Pip/Tick above the actual ask rate.   
  • S/L must be set 1 Pip/Tick below the actual bid rate. 

(Pip/Tick = smallest price movement)

Confirm your trade

Select "Trade" to send the order directly to the market. The order execution will be confirmed on the next page. You can upload a Video, share your order on Facebook or tap on "Ok, thanks.". Then switch to the tab "Orders" to see, that your order was listed in the section "Active".



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