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In the NAGA Trader copy feed you can see the trades published by other NAGA Trader users. If you like a trade, just hit the “Copy Trade” button, set your deposit in terms of volume or investment size and confirm. Your trade will be executed immediately. You can now check this trade under your active trades.



Swipe through the trades successful traders have created and profit from their experience. Besides that, check out the latest news! We believe that everyone should have access to the knowledge of the best traders, so we are keen to bring social trading to every trader who has a mobile phone. NAGA Trader was built from the ground up in order to be as simple and efficient as possible, removing many of the technical indicators that many people cannot understand.

An advisor (leader) opens a position(trade) and publishes it to NAGA Trader. Thus, he/she creates a signal for other traders. Non-professional traders / less experienced traders can see all created signals on their “Copy Feed” and decide upon a “Risk/Return” evaluation if they want to copy the same trade or not.

When a user swipes to the left, the trade gets discarded and the next trade is displayed. When user swipes to the right, this trade gets to the watch list. By clicking on the Copy-Button, the user opens the position based on the given trade. He/she can adjust the risk limits beforehand. That’s it – money on the go, no evaluation of strategies, just good and valuable trades. 

If you have more questions on how social trading works simply check out our guide.

Detailed information how to copy a trade (Example from mobile app)

From the "Copy" section, buy and sell orders of other NAGA Trader users can be copied. 


You can see order windows of other users, which include different key performance indicators.



Order window overview: 

  • User and avatar (profile image) 
  • Win Rate – Profit and loss rate of this user (accuracy). 
  • Overall P&L – Profit and loss of this user (total).
  • I bought/sold "name of the trade instrument(s)" – Order direction and instrument. From here, you can also create your own order in this instrument (see below). 
  • Instrument 
  • And I'm making / losing  – Profit/loss since order execution (total, percentage). 
  • # of Copiers - shows how many traders have copied this trade so far.
  • # of Copy spots left - Copy spots are limited to reduce the slippage footprint.
  • Risk/Gain – Potential profit and loss risk when copying this order.
  • Skip – Rate and add order to the Watchlist.o Skip – Order will no longer be shown in the "Copy" section.
  • NAGA Trader Protector - opens the S/L T/P Protectore Settings.
  • Copy - Shows the settings in order to copy the selected trade.
  • Watch – Order will be added to your watchlist (to be opened on the "star" icon). 

If you like to buy or sell this instrument, choose "I bought/sold" "name of the trade instrument(s)". In the following area you see the chart window. Additional tabs are "News", for the latest news of this instrument. From the "Sell" (red) and "Buy" (green) buttons in the upper right corner, the instrument can be bought or sold directly. 




Many orders of other users will be displayed in the "Copy" section. You can check through these orders by "swipe" the current window (drag & drop) to the left in order to Skip/Dislike or to the right to Watch/Like the current trade. After each "swipe" the next order window will be shown. Skipped orders won´t be shown in this section any more, while swiped orders to the right where added to your "Watchlist" (access via the "eye" icon).




To copy an order of another NAGA Trader user, just tap on "Copy". On the following summary page, you can adjust the order size (in USD or by amount) and then execute the transaction via the green "Copy" button.



The order will be copied and can be shared via Facebook. Tap on "Back" to see the order in the tab "Active", where all your orders and positions are being listed. 


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