Start Trading with Real Money


In order to get started with real money trading you just need to connect an existing broker account or to open a new account with one of our partners. We recommend you to open an acount with Hanseatic Brokerhouse Global Markets. In the NAGA Trader app you can click on “Upgrade Account”. 
This will open a new tab where you are redirected to the broker lobby. Here you can connect an account or open new one.



Now you can decide if you want to fund your account with own funds.  Follow the steps the partner broker defines and start making money with NAGA Trader.

Before you start trading, you should do your homework and be aware of the markets. A suggestion would be, to begin trading the instruments you  know and are interested in. For instance, if you keep yourself informed about global news and politics you should start trading in Europe and the U.S., you should start trading EUR/USD. 

You can also find some valuable tips and ideas in our "NAGA Trader TV" section.

If you still dont know where to start, just spend some time and analyze our top traders in the NAGA Trader universe, once you find a trader that fits your trading style, "follow" him/her and start to copy the trades, or you can also search for interesting trades in our trade feed and copy them with 1 click.




How can I fund my account?

  • NAGA Trader allows you to fund your account directly through your broker. Hence, the requirements and procedure depend on the partner broker you choose and may vary.

How can I withdraw funds from my account?

  • Withdrawing funds from your trading account is done entirely through your chosen broker. You will need to check the procedure of the broker.

Do I have full control over my money?

  • Of course you have full control over your money. With NAGA Trader you decide how much risk you take by defining your risk level. Further you can always adjust the take profit or stop loss levels. You can also close trades without facing the risk to lose more than you are willing to risk. A proper risk management is the success formula of every profitable trader. Moreover, NAGA Trader will always inform you via smart push-messages.




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